Most Americans will never have the privilege of visiting Tajikistan, and for my time in this country I am so grateful. I really didn’t know what to expect here in terms of how things looked, topography, landscapes, etc. I can say now that there is no way to generalize its charms (but isn’t that what reality is always like?). It is a land of contrasts, of mountains, fresh sparkling springs and rivers, trees and deserts. For me the deserts were the most inspiring because they were nothing like I had ever seen. Driving to the southern part of the country, I had to ask my driver and host to pull over to let me take some pictures. As hospitable Tajik hosts, of course the obliged me.

Here is a small sample of the beauty and charm of Tajkistian . . .

From the city center, you can see the mountains in the background


Tamerlane, the man who restored the Mongol empire, was defeated on the rolling hills of Central Asia in Tajikistan


Here is the river on which the city depends. To the left of me is Mr. Nurali, English teacher in whose home I shared an excellent meal.


These women and children agreed to pose with me in this picture.